Black Mask & Pale Rider – Five More Chapters of Outline

19 Aug

More outlines for the rewrite of Black Mask & Pale Rider today.  That’s been my day, setting up outlines and doing some housework.  Five more offerings this afternoon to go with what I posted this morning (which can be found here).  For now, here is chapters 11 to 15.


Chapter 11 – The Hunt Begins

The Tale Continues

Desc: Shani and Pania begin the next chapter of the tale, as they attempt to introduce Captain Samuel Williams.

* * *

The Captain

Desc: Captain Williams receives new orders from the President, and heads off to select his men before heading out to bring down any suspected outlaws. There was heavy emphasis on bringing in Black Mask and Pale Rider, due to their popularity and the troubling things being heard from the Mid West.

Chapter 12 – New Friends

To The Victor, The Spoils

Desc: Scene opens with Shani robbing a bank. Several patrons, all with hands in the air, men with pants around their ankles displaying their undies. There are several nervous looks at Scales as Shani scoops up the cash and heads out of town.

* * *

Something New

Desc: Pania discovers wanted posters. To be exact, she discovers her wanted poster along with another for Black Mask, whom she recognizes. After asking around, she learns that Shani is not far from her location. But Pania has the law in Akron to deal with first.

* * *

Odd Discovery

Desc: As Pania is learning about the wanted posters, Shani is also discovering them, and taking note of the woman named Pale Rider. Unknown to either of them, they are both in Akron at the same time, just in very different parts of the city. Shani begins searching for word on Pania, and is directed eastward toward Pennsylvania. But first, she feels the need to engage in a small poker game at a tavern just on the eastern outskirts of Akron.

* * *

The Chase Is On

Desc: Captain Williams and his men are resting for the night in Canton, and in the morning they receive a wire that both Black Mask and Pale Rider were seen in Akron. Together with Private Johnstone, they plan to overtake the pair in Youngstown, not far from the Pennsylvania border.

Chapter 13 – Blockade

Hot heads

Desc: Shani takes a break from riding at a small tavern where a surly man tries to challenge her for a duel, accusing her of reneging on payment for sexual favours. Shani not only dispatches the man, but makes sure to embarass him as well.

* * *

They’re All Human

Desc: Pania discovers a farmer chasing down a trio of Algonquin, shooting erratically at them. She stops the farmer and attends to the three, finding one of them injured. They are hesitant at first, but Pania convinces them and helps the wounded man heal his wounds. As the man rests the other two recognize Pania from the wanted posters and warn her (after she argues that much of what is on those posters is not true) that the cavalry is planning to capture her just outside of Youngstown.

* * *

The Trap Is Laid

Desc: Captain Williams and his men block off the main escape routes through Youngstown, and have the local law watch the surrounding area for any sign of Shani or Pania.

Chapter 14 – Great Escape

You Take The South Road

Desc: Shani rides into Youngstown, hearing word of the blockade on the eastern side of town from a few whispers. She decides to take a few unused roads south of town to elude detection.

* * *

And I’ll Take The North Road

Desc: Pania, having been warned already, makes for a few roads north of Youngstown in order to escape detection.

* * *

Fleeting Encounter

Desc: Shani has a confrontation with a lone deputy, and much to his surprise, she leaves him alive and unharmed as she escapes toward the Pennsylvania border.

* * *

The Hunt Resumes

Desc: Captain Williams is informed of the unfortunate altercation, but seems very glad to hear the deputy is alright. This brings about a question, however, as to the truth of many of the wanted posters. As they often spoke of Shani’s penchant for slaying lawmen without hesitation.

Chapter 15 – Pennsylvania

Running Fast

Desc: Shani and Pania, oblivious to each other’s escape attempt as they seem to pass by, but never bump into each other, continue toward Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. All this time, Captain Samuel Williams and his posse is hot on their heels.

* * *

Welcome to Harrisburg

Desc: Shani enters the town limits of Harrisburg and begins to search around, learning all she can. She hears word of how the banks operate and how the entire town shuts down on Sundays, and she begins to hatch a plan. Her luck is right there as she arrived in town on a Saturday, which gives her time to look around before the big heist.

* * *

Down on the Farm

Desc: Pania gets some help from a farmer outside of Harrisburg, as she is able to have her horse bedded down and watered and she can get sleep in a real bed.

* * *

Easy Capture

Desc: Captain Williams is informed of Pania’s whereabouts and his posse lay in wait just outside the farm.


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