Writing: Shani Wennemein’s influences

04 Nov

A look into the inspiration for the characters of Shani Wennemein and Pania Alow.

Shani Wennemein is the gunfighter of the duo, but she has a particular attitude.  Part of that will come with her dealings with Slowhand Johnson, as she will borrow a lot of how he speaks into her own speech patterns.

But she has outside influences and inspiration for how I wrote her.  One of those happened to be Val Kilmer’s portrayal of Doc Holliday in Tombstone. She has witty, almost philosophical sayings that will just spring forth, which is part of how she plays her hand in a gunfight.

Val Kilmer’s role as Doc Holliday wasn’t the only inspiration for Shani Wennemein.  Emilio Estevez, who played Billy the Kid in Young Guns and Young Guns 2, also had a hand in that inspiration.

Shani, at times can be a tad cocky.  So far, it’s never been her down fall.  She proclaims, and it’s often seen as a legitimate proclamation, that she is the “fastest gunhand in these here United States.  If not this entire world”.  This isn’t brashness or overconfidence.  This is what helps her move forward in dealing with any problem.  She sees it, she figures out a solution, and without hesitation, she moves forward.

To that, the quote “he who hesitates is lost” works quite well for Shani.

The last movie influence for Shani Wennemein was Ellen, played by Sharon Stone in The Quick and the Dead.

Like Ellen, Shani doesn’t stand for certain things.  And she acts accordingly, and sometimes violently, to the situation.  It’s not because she likes violence, but it’s because she’s disgusted by the way humans treat each other.


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