How’s the weather

23 Jan

How I would love the weather to be like this right now.

How I would love the weather to be like this right now.

Yes, it’s another post about weather and winter, but not really.

But no, it's more like this.

But no, it’s more like this.

I grew up surrounded by the metric system.  I learned to measure in kilometers, kilograms, and Celsius.  Not everything, mind you, I do measure my weight in pounds and my height in feet and inches.  At work I measure in several different units; inches, centimeters, picas, agate lines and pixels.

But with measuring the weather, Celsius has always been the unit I use.  It just makes more sense.  When water freezes, it’s zero.  When it boils, it’s 100.  And when it’s -40 it’s exactly the unit that people in the United States will understand (shocking revelation, the rest of the world actually measures in metric).  So, I’m used to reading the temperature as +32 or -15.  Such as this morning, it’s -21 with a wind from the north west at 9 kilometers per hour, which makes it feel like -28.  That last part is windchill, which is a completely different monster than Celsius.

I’ve grown so used to it, that when I see someone post their weather app screen capture from their phone, I’m at a loss until I realize that it’s in Fahrenheit.  And when I see it as reading 7, I have to remind myself that it’s closer to -13.  Sometimes I’ll see 32, which I know is zero (and that’s still warmer than what it is now).  And I know that -40 in F is -40 in C, and after that it doesn’t matter because it’s all stinking cold and no one should be moving about when it gets down to that.

At one time, I recall I had to know exactly what the conversions were.  Back when I worked in radio, because a lot of the farmers that listened still used Fahrenheit.  So, when we’d say something like “the current temperature in the Rosetown area is -20 Celsius, that’s -4 Fahrenheit”.  We’d always have to make sure that the conversion was there.

So, yes, this may indeed be a mindless ramble about metric system and temperature, but it’s something I find rather interesting from time to time and isn’t that what a blog is all about.  Writing about things that may interest one on occasion.  Today, or at least this morning, that’s what interests me.

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One response to “How’s the weather

  1. karmicangel

    January 23, 2013 at 10:23 am

    Writing this reply from -17ºC in Toronto, Canada, I couldn’t agree more. By the way, according to Google, that -1ºF … which like you say, seems odd.


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