15 May

Often, this is the point when I’d start doing a shameless self promotion.  But in this case, I’m not.  I’m here to tell you about an author I know and have known for a while.  Although we know each other, we actually haven’t met face to face.  Because we met before we actually wrote a full book.  John G Walker is the author of a series called the Statford Chronicles.  Three books which look at the investigations that private investigator Tom Statford looks into.  But he’s not just an ordinary private eye.

Now you might be asking, why John and I have never met face to face (possibly has a lot to do with the fact I hate traveling).  We first met, of all places, through the MMO City of Heroes.  Through that game, there was an entire community that played together and even role played characters together.  And we all did a lot of writing (I’ve mentioned Moondancer Drake on this blog before, I met her the same way).  There’s been some incredible projects that have been born from the old RP Congress that was active in City of Heroes.  And these three novels are the result of John G Walker’s work, all of which are available for the Kindle.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery The Sincerest Form of Flattery (The Statford Chronicles) eBook: John Walker: Kindle Store

Life was simple for private detective Tom Statford. Sure, being the Keeper, the first, last and only line of defense between gods and mortals could make for interesting times, but a mundane existence in south-eastern Virginia kept things on the boring side of life. Boring, until bodies appear with all the trademarks of ritualistic homicide. Now, the Keeper must not only stop a psychopath, but also the end of the world.

Easy enough, if the killer doesn’t find him first.

A novel by John G Walker.

In The DetailsIn The Details (The Statford Chronicles) eBook: John Walker, Starla Huchton: Kindle Store

Private detective Tom Statford has a problem. A priest has been murdered in Hampton Roads, Virginia. That’s bad. His killer is claiming the Devil as an accomplice, sending the forces of Heaven after the fallen angel. That’s even worse. Lucifer comes to Tom to proclaim his innocence, which makes Tom’s life more interesting than it needs to be, and he’s the only one who can prove the Devil didn’t make the killer do it.

But who would believe the Prince of Lies?

A novel by John G Walker and illustrated by Starla Hutchon.

The Blame GameThe Blame Game (The Statford Chronicles) eBook: John Walker, Starla Huchton: Kindle Store

In the third outing of private detective of the gods Tom Statford, a woman shows up in his office claiming to have been murdered. What’s worse is she’s a target of a fire god. With four other bodies involved, along with Chinese organized crime, Tom has to figure out who killed the girl, and who is using a god as an assassin. No big deal, right? Before it’s all over, this case will give the phrase “May you live in interesting times” a whole new meaning.

A novel by John G Walker and illustrated by Starla Hutchon.

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