16 May


I am seriously thinking about going the route of publishing Rocket Fox and rewrites of Black Mask & Pale Rider through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Currently, I’m reading through the information, which is helpful, but it doesn’t give me any aspects of the experience.  For that, I’m doing searches for what experiences other authors have had by using Kindle Direct Publishing.

Now, there is the downside to this, that it is just an ebook, and I won’t be able to have a hard copy of the product for my shelf or even give one away to my parents.  But, the upside is that the book will gain more exposure through more countries being published as an ebook and distributed by Kindle.

I’m not against Kindle or it’s publishing, as a matter of fact I think that the direct electronic market is a viable way to go.  And I like the idea of being able to buy a book in the comfort of my living room and having it right there for me when I click the submit button to purchase it.  Again, the only downside is not having that hardcopy edition.  For some reason it makes it feel very real.

But we live in a digital age, whether we like to admit it or not.  Smartphones, digital cameras, laptops, netbooks, iPods, tablets, all of it is around us every single day.

Books really shouldn’t be any different.

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