Breast Cancer Ad does two things

06 Jun

I’m fairly certain a lot of people have seen this video.

It is about an app that helps women check themselves for breast cancer.  And it just so happens to feature a few shirtless hot guys helping to inform people about the app (ya know, if you can take your eyes off of Anthony’s abs for a second).

This ad does something else very important, and it’s caused quite a stir in the comments on Youtube for this video.  Lots of men complaining about it, but totally missing the point.

Each and every day in advertising, women are objectified in order to sell a product.  Even when the product has nothing to do with sex.  There’s a Hot Pocket ad out there that is really objectifying, and seriously, if I’m eating a Hot Pocket (first, yuck!) I’m not thinking of sex.  There’s the subtle Subway print ad with a sub being used as a phallic symbol.  At one end of the sub is a women with her mouth open.

But the above ad received a few complaints (many of those from men’s rights activities, so you can guess what kind of complaints they were about).  However, the ad itself did something that another very simple ad did quite successfully.  And both ads managed to start a conversation.

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