Teach your children

11 Jul

I saw the above photo on my tumblr dash.  I’m not 100% sure, but I think this might be from the NYC Pride March.  It’s an innocent enough picture.  One could assume by looking at it that it’s two dads and their son (or daughter, could be a daughter) walking together.  Unfortunately, this photo came with a very disheartening quote.  It was posted through the tumblr The Unpopular Opinions.

[I] really hate seeing children at gay rallies. [I]n most cases, they don’t understand what they’re doing and what they’re promoting. [I] think most children are pressured into going to gay rallies by their parents and, therefore, pressured into believing in gay marriage.

I don’t get it, trying to say “believing in gay marriage” as though gay marriage were a thing that, if enough people don’t believe in it, it’ll disappear.  Much like what happened at the end of the mini series Merlin, when the people turned their back on Queen Mab and she just disappeared.  Sadly, things don’t work that way.

And why would this upset you.  That child is obviously in a good family.  They are being taught tolerance, love and compassion.  And that picture is a thousand times better than this one.


Whereas the first picture teaches us that the parents of that child are showing him (or her) love and compassion, the children in the second picture shows the parents really want their kids to learn how to hate.  Hate and bigotry is something that needs to be taught.  It’s something that’s learned by watching others, in the case of children, their parents and any authority figure they look up to.

I’d rather parents teach their kids that love and understanding, friendship and tolerance, than watch as they destroy their children by teaching them how to hate.

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