The Rocking Chair

01 Oct

31 Days of Ghosts presents of story.  Is it urban legend, is it real, or is it completely made up.

Years ago, a family lived on a farm.  They were the third generation to tend to the farm, although the previous two planted crops, this one ran a dairy farm.

The first generation to homestead the farm arrived in West Central Saskatchewan in 1906.  This individual married, raised a family and farmed for 40 years.  What was equally remarkable about the man was he lived to a ripe old age of 102.  He married three times, outliving two of his wives.  The first, he married for live.  The second, he married out of necessity that grew into love.  And the third, he again married for love.

He was just as much a part of that farm with each generation that took it over.  No one in the family ever forgot that.

As the third generation began to take over the farm, his health declined.  After a few years, he passed away.  Many of his old belongings were divided up among the family, which included a rocking chair.  This chair was unique, as it was well crafted save for one joint which happened to make a clicking sound when one would rock back and forth.  No one ever fixed it, because it reminded them of the man who would sit and rock and tell stories.

Not long after the man passed away, the third generation family had resumed their lives which included tending to their dairy herd.  One night, the only child of the family thought he heard something coming from the dining room downstairs.  He woke up, carefully went to the top of the stairs and listened.  Click Click Click …  It was the unmistakeable sound of the rocking chair, as though someone were sitting in it.  Which was impossible, because everyone was asleep.

Filled with fear, yet extremely curious, the young boy went down the stairs slowly, trying to making sure that the steps wouldn’t creek when he walked.  Every second step there was the unmistakable click click click of the rocking chair as though someone were sitting in it.  He wanted to call out, but fear had his voice closed tight.  Carefully, he crept into the kitchen and stood in the doorway that lead into the dining room.  He could see it there, the rocking chair, slowly rocking back and forth.  He wanted to scream and bolt but suddenly he felt very calm, and just stood there for a few minutes before going back upstairs and returning to bed.

It’s said that even in death, the things you work on that you’re the most proud of, you may end up watching over them for all eternity.  The family believed that was the ghost of the man who originally homesteaded the farm back in 1906.  Returning to his own piece of heave.

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