Random pieces

13 Nov

Phone Call

This wasn’t a bad phone call.

My mom phoned about five minutes ago.  We never talk for long on the phone, long distance costs money and only quick information or questions should be discussed.

While that may sound odd, the conversation, while short, did feel good.

My parents can tell when I’m not doing well, they can hear it in my voice no matter how hard I try to hide it.  Today I didn’t go into huge detail, but I explained how I still don’t like it here.  I never went into the reason why, mostly because I was finishing up my breakfast and about to get ready for work.

But, it did feel good to hear their voices.

They’re going to buy me a microwave and a frying pan.  Not something exciting but it is something I’ve been wanting to get.  My old microwave died and I’ve been needing a new frying pan for a while.  There’s also a letter waiting for me at the post office that I need to pick up after work.  There’s a recipe in it, as my mom explained.

I feel a bit better.  Not 100%, but better.  I’ll see how the rest of the day goes.

Building up courage

I don’t really like this feeling in the mornings of a weekday.  Getting up, calming myself, preparing myself, nearly steeling myself to go into work.  I’m not fond of how I prepare and sit and wait for that moment when I have to get up, go out the door, and walk to work.

But here I am again, at that moment when I need to do just that.

Hopefully the day goes well, and goes quickly.

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