Writing: Rocket Fox – the soundtrack

26 Nov

The music I’ve been listening to while writing Rocket Fox has helped, though at times it does get distracting.  I’ll stop writing and just imagine.  Have a movie in my head play along with the music.  But, those times actually do help in writing.  They make it so I can visualize things a lot better when I write and help push things forward.

I’ve only hit 30K words with this NaNoWriMo, and it’s been a little disappointing.  I know November isn’t over yet, and I could push to hit 50K quite easily.  It’s been an uphill battle, writing almost 20K words in Black Mask & Pale Rider, then switching gears mid way to start (or continue, rather) writing more in the Rocket Fox universe.  I’ll carry on, actually, and keep moving forward.  I’m not giving up on either of them, it just might take me a little longer is all.


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