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Flag on my Backpack: The Comic Script – Page 6

Page 6

Panel 1, Left hand side, Top row

Image focuses on Michelle, she is looking into the parking lot with a heavy shadow over her face, she doesn’t look impressed.

Michelle: Merde. It’s Marvin Quinnel. Bully o’ the school.

Panel 2, Right hand side, top row

Image is of three boys, one is heavy set with curly black hair, two others a much more slight, each is wearing baseball caps of different sport teams, one of the skinny boys has a tattered jean jacket.

Marvin (with a nasty grin on his face like he’s about to start something): Well, well. If it isn’t three of my favourite people. Most of which is Yves. An’ I think I remember I owe Yves somethin’. Ain’t that right, Tyler.

Tyler (scrawny kid with wispy blond hair under an ill fitting ball cap and wearing an old Megadeath band shirt, which sports a few holes): Yeah, Marv. I think Yves tried makin’ us look like idiots.

Panel 3, Left hand side, bottom row

Image focuses on Michelle, Dominique and Yves, all have a wary look about them.

Michelle (under her breath): Didn’t have to try very hard.

Yves (coughing with a look over to Michelle): Look, Marv. We don’t want any trouble. We’re just hangin’ out an’ gonna celebrate Dom’s birthday.

Panel 4, Right hand side, bottom row

Image focuses on both groups from above, more on Marvin and his friends, Tyler and the other boy are clutching their hands together as though cracking their knuckles, while Marvin has his arms crossed over his chest, he still has the same grin.

Marvin: Well, ain’t that a great thing ta hear. ‘Cause, boy do we have a birthday present.


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Flag on my Backpack: The Comic Script Page 5

Page 5

Panel 1, Left hand side, top row

Image is overlooking a convenience store, there are two cars in the parking lot, a few people milling about, three people seen leaning against the wall near a few benches.

Narrator (JPT): I would like to say that this all began innocently enough. With some flight of fancy, and a simple desire to do good. But like most things, it did not.

Panel 2, Middle, Top row

Image zooms in on the three, one girl has ragged jeans, a tee shirt, long hair tucked up under a Gatsby cap, a backpack is on her shoulder and a skate board under one arm, the second girl is dressed in black, has short blond hair, ears, nose and eyebrow pierced and she’s wearing bangles on her wrists, ratty fishnets and black combat boots, the third is a young man, black with short hair and a small amount of facial hair, well trimmed, beige slacks and sandles, the three appear to be good friends and seem to be joking around a bit.

Dominique (in the Gatsby Cap, looking to the young man): When was Jacqueline gonna meet up with us?

Yves (the young man, leaning up against the wall next to Dominique): She had some practice for an upcomin’ track meet, so she said she was gonna be maybe an hour after class. So, we got another 20 minutes.

Panel 3, Right hand side, top row

Michelle (in black, grinning as she sits on the the back of a nearby bench, kicking her feet lightly): Hey, you seem a little anxious for somethin’, huh?

Dominique (shrugs and looking to Michelle): Well, it is my birthday today. Not everyday you turn 16.

Panel 4, Left hand side, middle row

Image shows all three, as Dominique looking toward the area of the camera as though looking back and forth between her friends.

Dominique: Okay, be honest with me. You guys are mostly just stallin’ while my parents do somethin’ to get ready, huh?

Panel 5, Middle, middle row

Image shows Michelle and Yves looking at each other and shrug, each has a Cheshire Cat grin.

Panel 6, Right hand side, middle row

Image has Michelle and Yves laughing and Dominique is looking up with what could be described as a telling sigh.

Dominique: I knew it.

Panel 7, left hand side, bottom row

Image focusing on Michelle, she is explaining something as she holds herself up on the bench backing.

Michelle: Hey, no matter what, you get to spend the day with all of us.

Panel 8, middle, bottom row

Image focusing on Yves, as he nods in agreement, we see a profile of Dominique.

Yves: Plus, we have a whole lot of gifts that need to be opened.

Dominique (blushing a bit): I thought I told you guys I don’t really care about that, just as long as we get to hang out. (pauses) Uh oh.

Panel 9, Right hand side, bottom row

Image is similar to Panel 8, but Dominique has a more serious look on her face as she is looking into the parking lot, Yves has a questioning look on his face.

Yves: What is it?

Dominique (in a quiet voice): Trouble.


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Flag on my Backpack: The Comic Script – Page 4

Page 4

Panel, full page

Image is of Jean Pierre, full body, standing in the attic, he is holding the uniform, a little tattered and faded, newspaper clippings, photos are strewn over the floor. His expression looks very down as he stands in the attic, there are other boxes sealed up and stacked in the background.

Narrator (JPT): Somehow I knew this day would come. I knew that Dom would demand that I put on the uniform again. Become Canadien again. But that is something for young people, not me. I have my place in the world. And there are other heroes out there. But I have to make a decision, and it just may be the hardest one I have ever made.

Title splash at the bottom of the image “LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER”.


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