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I think I’ll need some encouragement

I’m gonna need a lot of encouragement over the next few months.  No, nothing’s wrong, there’s no physical or mental ailment that I am suffering.  Well, mental in a round about way.  The way that involves creativity and getting over those massive stumbling blocks that often are called writers block, procrastination and massive case of the lazies.

I have two major stories that I want to … make that need to write … for The Adventures of Black Mask & Pale Rider.  One takes place completely on the homeworld of Shani and Pania.  A planet called Terra-Kal, inhabited only by elves.  Of course, there is the usual creatures you’d find, such as woodland creatures, domesticated animals and so on and so forth.  But this story explores the world they live in and describes the beginning of their own industrial revolution.  A revolution of steam power.  Plus, the story revolves around the growing tensions between two nations.  This first story I call Flight of the Skyhawks.

The second is a tale that sees Shani and Pania return to Earth, but this time with their brothers in tow.  Sywyn, Shani’s brother and a reputable Knight in the Stonebridge Court, and Mandrel, Pania’s brother and while a steadfast friend of Sywyn’s and honourable, he is a bit of a Knave.  The four have to track down the devil himself, as they chase a demon from their world to Pueblo, Mexico.

So those are the ideas.  I’ve had those ideas since I began the second draft of the first book.  I’ve even started the process of writing.  I’ve jotted down notes in point form for each section.  But now I just need someone to sort of give me a poke and a prod and ask me how it’s coming along every so often.  I think if I get that kind of question, it’ll drive me to get more and more put down on paper (or into word processor as the case may be).


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