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Flag on my Backpack: The Comic Script – Page One

Yay!  I’ve put some of this into a Word document (okay, OpenOffice file), and I’m starting to script it out the best way that can be scripted for the origin story for Canadienne, my patriotic Canadian superhero.  Here’s page one.  I’ll continue posting pages as I get them down.

Page 1

Panel 1, Left hand side, Top Row

Image of a picture, shows a family of four, mother, father, and two daughters, one is older than the other, the father wears a shirt and tie, the mother wearing sweater and slacks, one daughter is wearing a beret, has long hair, jeans and a tee shirt, the other wearing more fashionable clothing.

Narrator (Jean Pierre Turgeon): Family is a very important thing. And my family is incredibly important.

Panel 2, Middle, Top Row

Image of a photo, man and a woman in a marriage procession, both smiling, people throwing confetti in the background.

Narrator (Jean Pierre Turgeon): I have a wife who I love more and more each day, from the moment that we first met, to the day we began to see each other much more seriously, to our wedding day…

Panel 3, Right hand side, Top Row

Image is a photo of a man and a woman, the woman is holding a small baby, the woman is in hospital greens, laying in a bed, she appears happy, but exhausted, the man leans over, one arm around the woman, with his hand pulling back the bundle wrapping the baby, he is smiling.

Narrator (Jean Pierre Turgeon): …to the day that little Dominique came into our lives. Of course, she would not be the last.

Panel 4, Left hand side, Middle Row

Image is a photo, a little girl with pigtails, she is looking into a crib with the man and woman beside her, they are smiling, inside the crib is a tiny baby, the little girl is reaching into the crib, the baby is giggling and has a grip on the little girl’s finger.

Narrator (Jean Pierre Turgeon): There was also Chloe. Two beautiful daughters. Monique and I were so fortunate to have such a wonderful family. We spoiled them both so much. We did have help, mind you.

Panel 5, Middle, Middle Row

Image is a larger man, with similar features to the other man in the other photos, he is reaching down to give the little girl with pigtails a hug, she seems very excited, around them is the remnants of torn up wrapping paper, behind them is an electric guitar.

Narrator (Jean Pierre Turgeon): My brother, Daniel made sure that he dotted on Dom…

Panel 6, Right hand side, Middle Row

Image is a photo of the same large man seated, a little girl, about six years old, is sitting in his lap, she is Dom’s sister, her hair is in braids, the man appears to be telling her something, he has a very conversational look on his face as though he is telling a story to her, the little girl is listening intently.

Narrator (Jean Pierre Turgeon): …and just as much with Chloe.

Panel 7, Left hand side, Bottom Row

Image is of a family picnic, all five pictured, the larger man is at a barbecue, cooking burgers and hotdogs, the little girls are sitting at a picnic table, as the other man and woman are setting out plates and cutlery

Narrator (Jean Pierre Turgeon): My life was perfect. I had a career as a lawyer, Monique had her art gallery, I have a wonderful family. I could ask for nothing more.

Panel 8, Middle, Bottom Row

Image is the same as Panel 7, but faded.

Narrator (Jean Pierre Turgeon): I could even relax that secrets of the past would not affect my family.

Panel 9, Right hand side, Bottom Row

Image is a black square.

Narrator (Jean Pierre Turgeon): But secrets have a tendency to catch up to you.


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Oh what a night

Startling things happen when you’re asleep.  Even more so in these past few nights.

I’ve already detailed how we’ve had good old decent thunder storms and heavy rain. How we had our telecommunications cut for a good part of the day.  And how my apartment has had it’s water turned off thanks to a backed up sewer.  Well, as of yesterday evening, everyone in the apartment at one time had 45 minutes to get water saved because the problem had not been fixed.  An 85 foot plumber’s snake wasn’t long enough to help, so a longer one is being brought in.  Hopefully today that will be solved.


a Thunderstorm near Pritzerbe

Image via Wikipedia

But last night, that was the startling thing.  Blissfully sleeping in my cozy bed, dreaming of… something… going back and forth between that point of sleep to semi consciousness.  At one point I saw a flash of light.  I didn’t think anything of it, because I was mostly asleep.  Three seconds later, however, the loud crack woke me up.  Fortunately, I was still groggy enough that I looked out the window, saw how black it was, rolled over and tried to get back to sleep.  I barely remember thinking how I had acknowledged that it was raining outside.

By five o’clock in the morning, I do recall seeing, and hearing, the rain.  And some thunder off in the distance.

I also remember being jarred awake by two things; my radio alarm clock which is tuned into CJWW, a country station, which began blaring Diamond Rio’s Meet In The Middle; and the other was a pair of mosquitoes that seemed intent on harassing me.  So for about a minute I swatted away at them while Diamond Rio’s chorus went off in the background.  If I was watching the scene I might find it comical, however it was anything at all but comedy.

I really hope the water is turned back on after work today.  Taking a cold bath in water that was filled in the bath tub the previous night was a startling wake up call.  Not a nice way to greet the day.  I guess there was one important thing to look forward to after all the shock and startles from an early rise.  I got into work early, I get to go home early.

Maybe the water will be back on.

Until next time…

…keep ’em flyin’.

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